Ep 12 – Alex Dandino Part 2

unnamed-2In the second half of my interview with writer, director, and comic book fanatic Alex Dandino, we discuss Sexism in Comic Books, when Batman just sounds wrong, the failings of the Iron Man sequels, exactly how British IS Chris Nolan, the story of the unmade Dune movie, and I share a gay thought. Right click here to download it or simply click to play. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by searching for “Shamefest LA” on the iTunes store, or follow me (Matt Shore) on Twitter @shorester. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!



Ep 10 – Sally Slater

pumpkinI speak with fantasy author Sally Slater about swordfighting workouts, murdering Moby Dick, drug addled college fiction, how to get seven million reads with social media, Bavarian barmaids, swarthy hilljack charm, ten inch dongs, how soon is too soon to call your girlfriend from jail, partial Holocaust deniers, romantic enemas, and of course, sex injuries. Share your own sex injury story with me via e-mail (shamefestla [at] gmail [dot] com) or on twitter (@shorester) under the hashtag #sexinjury, and maybe I’ll share it with our listeners in an upcoming episode. To listen, download the file here or click the pumpkin pic above.