Snarkfest LA Audio Set-Up

For home theater:

  • Download the podcast mp3 to your iPod or mobile device
  • Connect your iPod or mobile device to your speaker system
  • Raise speaker system level to comfortable volume
  • Select the video using Netflix on your Smart TV, game system, or streaming device (attached to your TV)
  • Play video using television speakers at 60% of normal volume, so podcast is slightly louder but video is still audible

For PC/Laptop:

  • Download the podcast mp3 to your hard drive
  • Play the podcast using your media player of choice (iTunes for example)
  • Stream video via your web browser and adjust video volume so that it is slightly lower than the podcast audio

Snarkfest LA Syncing Issues

If you are experiencing difficulty syncing the podcast to your streaming television show or film, I recommend the following:

  • Try waiting a second after you hear the word ‘go’ to press play on the video.
  • Make sure you are starting the video from 00:00 on the clock/timecode.
  • If the podcast is hitting jokes before the onscreen action, pause the podcast for a few seconds while letting the video run, then unpause it.
  • If the podcast’s jokes are too late, pause the video for a few seconds, then unpause it so the podcast can catch up.
  • Some onscreen action and text will not necessarily perfectly time out with the jokes, so if one particular joke is off but the rest of them seem to be working, you might already be synced and the joke may not have been very funny. Trust your own timing before fidgeting too much and potentially de-syncing the audio.
  • You do not have to be overzealous about hitting the play button as soon as you hear ‘go’. There is a little built in buffer for human error, so don’t feel like you have to be rabidly attentive. If you are, the podcast may run faster than the video and miss the sync.
  • If you want to be extra cautious, pause the podcast after the word ‘go.’ Run the video for a second, then press play on the ‘podcast.’ Typically, if the video is a little ahead of the podcast, the timing of the jokes will still work out.

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